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The Baklava Shop is a small family business started in 2011 by 3 girls – Georgette and her 2 daughters, Chrissy and Sarah. Our baklava recipe came all the way from Lebanon from Georgette’s grandmother, or “Sitto” in Lebanese. Baklava was always a staple for any holiday or special occasion for our family but was not made very often otherwise. When friends would taste it, they would always ask when it would be made again hoping they could get more of the sweet, rich, delicious treat.

The Baklava Shop originally started in Georgette’s kitchen by posting an ad in the local newspaper and selling it by phone. Eventually sales picked up and we decided we needed a commercial kitchen, a store front and a place to sell online. Originally, we only offered the traditional  walnut and pistachio but have expanded our selection with almond, cashew and pecan, and a few seasonal varieties, maple pecan, coconut almond and salted cashew caramel.

We moved from Atlanta to Lewiston in 2021 to a bigger building with almost twice as much space. Although we no longer have a store front, you can order and pick up at the store any time or find our baklava at multiple places around northern Michigan. Find that list right here.

Check out the online store or give us a call to pre-order for pick-up. We look forward to you tasting our delicious baklava!

(2016) Georgette and Chrissy handing out cupcakes at the Elk Festival in Atlanta for the 5 year anniversary of opening the bakery.


(2021) Sarah, Georgette and Chrissy in the new building in Lewiston.

Contact Us:


2889 Kneeland St., Lewiston MI 49756

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