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The Baklava Shop is a small family business started in

2011 by 3 girls – Georgette and her 2 daughters, Chrissy

and Sarah. Their baklava recipe came all the way from
Lebanon from Georgette’s grandmother, or “Sitto” in
Lebanese. Baklava was always a s
taple for any holiday
or special occasion for
the family but was not made
very often
otherwise. When friends would taste it,

they would always ask when it would be made again
hoping they could get more of the sweet,
rich, delicious


The Baklava Shop originally started in Georgette’s
kitchen by posting an ad in the
local newspaper and
selling it by phone.
Eventually sales picked up and
they decided
they needed a commercial kitchen and
a store
front. Originally, they only offered the traditional

walnut and pistachio but have expanded their

selection with almond, cashew and pecan. They also
offer a fruity version that they call a Phyllo Bite, which
is a bite sized phyllo cup with raspberry, apple or
blueberry filling.


If you come in the store, you will find a variety of other
special treats. There are cinnamon rolls, turnovers,
cookies, bars, cupcakes, fresh baked bread and hot
coffee.You'll also find a selection of locally made goods

like jellies, jams and maple syrup. Stop by! You're sure

to find something you'll like!

(2016) Georgette and Chrissy handing out cupcakes at the Elk Festival in Atlanta for the 5 year anniversary of opening the bakery.

Thank you for stopping by and shopping with us!!

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12619 State St., Atlanta, MI 49709

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12619 State Street, Atlanta, MI 49709


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