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At The Baklava Shop, we're the sweet spot for the freshest homemade baklava delivered straight to your doorstep! We’re making and baking baklava daily, ensuring your baklava is freshly baked and packed on the same day it's sent out. While you're browsing our online store, don't miss out on other local treasures like Michigan maple syrup and local honey. Planning to swing by for a pickup? Dive into this page for all the juicy details! Happy shopping everybody!

Looking for a gift?

Our baklava isn't just a gift, it's a flavor-packed adventure waiting to surprise your loved ones. (But hey, don't forget to sneak some for yourself, shhh!) And of course, join the fun on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for more sweet treats and delicous deals!

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Most of our baked goods are packaged in a pretty, white 9.5 x 5.5 gift box..png

Find our baklava all over northern Michigan!

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